Kelsey Chapman - Vocals

Kelsey ascended from the Snake River Canyon and crashed into Moscow, where she quickly found a place in the theatre-making, powerhouse singing, angel-nice rhyme slinging, ass-kicking communities. She's here to rock your socks off til dawn.


"Kelsey. She is the hottest version of Bacon ever. Just...Damn." -Abby Shepard


"That girl's voice? Mmmhmm. It's angel-nice." -Conner Brown

Vince DiFatta - Drums

Vince has been known to eat tofu, smash drums, and chug Perrier. He keeps drumming dangerous with his stupid, crazy thick groove and soul-crushing dotted eighths. Needless to say, if his drum set could talk he'd be in jail.

Brantley Bacon - Keytar


"I play keytar, and eat plain Cheerios"- Brantley Bacon

Bobby Meador - Guitar


After being conceived to "Ride The Lighting" Bobby came out shredding and found his way to Moscow, Idaho where he rocks harder than Han Zimmer

Connor Bruce - Bass Guitar


Connor is the bass player for Two Point Oh. He uses his bass guitar to rip apart venues and deliver tasty bass licks that can give an audience member the meanest stank face they've ever worn. But he isn't just any party band bass player, oh no. His bass was carved out of the salvaged wood of the coffin of Ghengis Khan, allowing him to shred with the power of a million Mongols burning continental Asia down without honor.

In reality though, he has no idea what he's doing and only realizes that "big low guitar make boom noise that jams."